Good Dog Training

A dog is a man’s best friend. Having a well-behaved dog makes it that much better to have them around and reduces the risk of them scaring the wits out of a child or knocking an older person off their feet. We are sure you love your furry friend but staying up all night or not having any work done because they are barking incessantly isn’t living the dream.

Contrary to popular opinion, maybe you can teach old dogs new tricks. Before we give some of our best tips for training your dog, here is why good dog training is essential:

Why you should provide your good dog training

Training a dog strengthens the human-animal bond. It provides a foundation for you and the dog to communicate and connect. In addition, good dog training builds confidence in the Dog. Exercise provides a sense of accomplishment in a typically timid dog. This way,

our four-legged family members can truly feel more at home.

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5 Tips we recommend for good dog training

You may decide to have a professional trainer train your dog or do it yourself. These are some of the tips you can put to work.

Good Dog Training

1. Understand the dog

If you are dealing with a puppy or an adult, remember to understand the dog and treat them accordingly. You cannot expect a puppy to respond like an adult or vice versa. Therefore, understanding the dog is the first part of your training.

2. When dealing with puppies, make sure to puppy-proof your home

If you have watched the secret life of pets, then you must be able to imagine all the things your dog may be up to in your absence. Provide the appropriate safe toys to chew on and set up baby gates and playpens. That is to ensure that they remain safe in the home.

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3. Familiarize them with language

When training a dog, remember they were not born to understand French or English. So rather than telling them what to do, begin by showing them what you mean. You might look a little silly in the process, but it is all for the greater good. That should help you teach them basic commands such as sit, stay, shake and kneel.

4. Train with treats! Like humans, dogs work harder when they are motivated. You can motivate your dog by giving them good high-value treats such as liver, chicken breast, or cheese. It also helps to

reward your dog when you catch them doing something good and not only scolding them when they misbehave.

5. Respond with love whether you call your dog over for a nice cuddle or he decides to come over on his own, never dismiss him, no matter what the dog may have done before. Always respond to them happily and with love. And remember, dogs pick up from your energy, so keep a positive


In conclusion, spending time and money to offer good dog training to your pet is not a luxury; it is necessary. Should you decide to train your dog yourself, we hope the tips we have listed here are of much help to you.