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What it does?

I know we all care for our dog safety and one of the biggest problems we face are the stairs at home. They are considered dangerous specially for a puppy or even an adult untrained dog. We love our dogs and care for their safety. Maybe we just dont want our dogs to go upstairs for any reason or even block them from going in a particular room. This Mesh Dog Fence is strong enough to get the job done yet its very light and can be removed at anytime you need to. No more heavy, wooden or metal fences that look ugly and cannot be removed later.

Then your answer is the Royal Dog Fence. Very Safe, Easy to install and help protects your dog.

Why buy it now?

Also Now for a limited time its on sale !!

In certain houses you might need 2 fences one on the top stairs and on on the bottom. This will give you more safety. Some homes have two staircases that need 2 fences. You can even use it for your main door. For example you open the door for the post man the dog might run outside. By having the Royal Dog Fence installed you can have the peace of mind while you collect and talk to the person on the door.

We are also offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders. Why? Because here at Royal Dogs we care for the dogs and want to encourage dog owners to help make the dogs environment as safe as possible. Shipping usually takes between 5-7 days to arrive.


We are very confident with our product but we also like our costumers to have the peace of mind. If you want to return the product for any reason you a 30 DAY money back guarantee for any reason.

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